Meet the Members

Alright, time to meet the crew! We're a group of eleven first years, mostly doing Applied Mathematics. Except for Robin. He does Computer Science, the weirdo.
Well, lets get to know who's who in our committee, and what better way to do that than to all introduce each other?

Jelte de Kock


Jelte is one out of the two co-chairmen of our FYC. Although he is from ‘Zeeland’, he’s a very funny, nice and responsible guy. Thanks to him, everything we as an FYC do, is carefully stringed together. These days he’s studying Applied Mathematics at the TU/e. Even if he’s busy studying, he has enough time to be an active member of GEWIS, so you will definitely see him often at borrels and other activities.

Miguel Prazeres


Miguel is the other co-chairman of our FYC. Although he is our only international he sings Dutch songs the loudest. He is a funny and nice guy who studies Applied Mathematics at the campus. Next to singing just normal songs, the loudest songs he sings is Sterrenstof and especially INTERNAGELAKTISCH.

Rachel Teurlings


Rachel is 18 years old and lives in Kaatsheuvel. She studies applied mathematics and besides her study, works for the Etos, tutors highschool students, and enjoys hanging out with friends. If you see her at the borrel, you shouldn't hesitate to start a conversation since, usually, Rachel talks a lot after drinking alcohol. Don't get confused however, she is not the spokeswomen, she is the treasurer of GeËuclid.

Isa Maas


Isa is a very sweet competitive Dutch girl. Everybody wants to see her drunk for some reason and her favorite thing to do is to read long novels and doing so while in a fabulous outfit.

Tessa Verheul


Tessa, Tessa, Tessa, where do we even start? At the beginning, duh. This 19 year old Applied Mathematics student from Lelystad is (supposed to be) the face of the FYC,as our spokeswoman.She is the first line of defence for the group, and she always does a tremending job fulfilling that role, doing her best to make us look good, an often very difficult task. She's the partygirl of the committee and she's one of the reasons our parties are never boring. Oh and she's also known for one of her biggest achievements to date; making a presentation on her own, from scratch, at a party, while absolutely shitfaced. That's her perfectly summarised, not only extremely fun to be with, but her commitment is through the roof.

Ruben Werner

Social Media Manager and Lead Strategist

No time for small talk, I will just get straight to the point like Ruben always does: Ruben used to play soccer but now he likes to jog (10 km very important) and you need only one conversation with him to find that out. He studies applied mathematics and besides that he works at the Albert Heijn. The thing that characterizes Ruben is that he is very strategic but also realistic (a bit too much sometimes). If Ruben has doubts about something he will always let you hear it. Sometimes you even have a hard time convincing him if he’s wrong. If you see Ruben at the next borrel it is probably not the first time, since Ruben introduces himself to everyone and encourages people to follow our Instagram. (hence our followers). Do you follow us yet? @fyc_geeuclid This is also why his role in our FYC was made for him. Funny enough Ruben doesn’t use social media himself, but he is going to be the reason that we will be the winning FYC.

Milou Willems

Head of Creativity Department

I am the little fanatic gnome from our fyc. Since everyone needs to grow, you need to eat enough. That is why I tell my fellow group members to buy a lot of food from me for SSRE. You can always slide in my whatsapp if you need help with your homework. Oh wait, that party is over, I quit. Now I am gonna work full time at the jumbo. No I am not an appie strijder, but you can say hello Jumbo.If you want to see me, you can come to Helmond (if you can find it) since I don’t have a student ov anymore you have to come to me.I don't really know my function in GeËuclïd. I thought I was something else, but apparently I am the Head of the creativity department. You’ll still see me around when I join my amazing fellow GeËuclïd members

Dorine Berends

Lead Designer

Hello everyone, I don’t eat many things, only beanies. I eat them, I have them on my head and I have one with lights. I see a lot of light in a day, because I have a screentime of 11 hours a day. 11 is the crazy number, just like me. K3 is my favorite artist, I love to sing their songs and I know every dance of them. So next ‘’k2 zoekt k3’’ show, I’m gonna participate. So vote for me. Another thing, or actually person I love, is Lando. I watch every race and every talkshow about F1. I even bet about the races with Robin, our beermeister. Last time we had to do a shoey. Now we talk about shoes, I can’t tie my own shoelace. I always ask other people to do it. You think I would be able to tie my own shoelaces, because I do gymnastics on a high level. So I am quite capable of my flexibility. My role in GeËuclïd is designer and I am the person in charge of social media. Oh and some more serious things about me: I live in Tilburg and I am 18 years old. And I almost forgot to tell you my name. It is Dorine.

Pax Mallee

The Brains of the operation

This is Pax, he's from Limburg (so basically Germany). He studies Applied Mathematics and Physics, so his role fits him very well. As his role as the brains of the operation he helps wherever he is needed. Besides being very smart, he's also very sporty. He plays tennis. Since Pax can be a bit shy, don't hesitate to come up to him to say hi, mention his upside down stickers on his laptop or buy him a beer (if he doesn't have a test the next day of course).

Emma de Beijer


There are some reasons why our fyc really needs an Emma, this 18 year old girl from Udenhout (yeahh no clue either) is super easy-going, and very decisive, which is really nice in a typical Dutch meeting. Also she is the reason our fyc really 'stands' out, since now we are know as that fyc with the girl that can't walk. Maybe a better function for her would be to become our mascot, since this snackmaster has not fixed a single snack yet. But in Dutch we do have a saying that really describes Emma, besides not being the best at her function she will always put her "beste beentje voor' although she might not have that much of a choice. At the next borrel don't let her crutches scare you away, she would never hurt someone on purpose, on accident tho..... but for real don't hesitate to start a conversation, she might be one of the sweetest members of our fyc.

Robin van Dijke

Beermeister and Webmaster

This is Robin, he is our beermeister and ICT-guy, as he is the only one in the FYC who studies Computer Science. He has never been to a party where he remembers the whole evening, you can ask Leon and his sweater. As you can see he is blond, very blond. And it is generally known that blond is linked to something else. That is why he studies Computer Science. He made this very beautiful website, which doesn't fit on your phone and has crashed already multiple times (and it's been a week). He is a real sporty spice. He ran the coastal marathon with his dad against his roommate. As he is from Zeeland, the wrong part of zeeland if you ask Jelte. The only thing is that he didn't do it very handy, because he got injured during the run. So now he has to go to the fysio. If you see him at the borrel, ask him to do a shoey, as our designer and our beermaster every F1 race make bets about the race for a shoey, we’ll see how much they have to do next season!